Photo © Olafur Eliasson

Food, and the rituals that go with it, have been a recurrent theme in contemporary art for decades, but with his newly-published cookbook The Kitchen, renowned artist Olafur Eliasson has taken matters to the next level, and submerged himself in the culinary art proper.

The handsome Phaidon publication gathers over 100 sophisticated vegetarian recipes that have been developed (and are cooked daily) by a team of professionals at Eliasson's Berlin studio to cater for his staff of 100 plus, including architects, archivists, administrators, art historians, and students.

Eliasson understands cooking as an "act of caring for others, […] a gesture of generosity that functions as a social glue." This approach fits seamlessly with his many artistic endeavors, in which a keen pursuit of experiential awakening and attention to detail—even in works of monumental scale—collide with a host of socially-engaged and environmental concerns.

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