Collections are reflections of their owners. However, with proper curating and art advisory new aspects of collections can be emphasized and significant additions can be made. Our collection employs digital technology in order to brings visibility to the art from South East Europe to global audience, in a new way. Let’s talk about our current selection or discover for you particular works that make a difference.


We are supportive of individual artistic autonomy, but we also care for delivering excellency in the realm of arts. Our aim is to bring more visibility to art from SEE. Being context-responsive, and simultaneously adventurous and visionary, our mechanism is backed by a strong team, thought process and management on par with global standards.


BART SPACE investigates all the pieces for their authenticity prior to every acquisition followed by securing the relevant legal and financial paperwork. Also, we offer insurance advisory and support on all deliveries we are engaged in and work with you in order to secure your investment from artists to your preferred location no matter where in the world.



BART SPACE is an art agency focused primarily on contemporary art from South East European established, emerging and newly discovered artists. With expertise that spans over a decade, we employ a hybrid team of local curators and art professionals alongside global advisors, commercial and logistics managers, all at your service every day of the year.

How does it work?

  1. Simple. We present the artists and their work selections created in partnership with our curators in order to give you a quality overview of works and expert analysis in a nutshell.
  2. Once you create a MY.BART account you are free to browse our complete online catalogue, read curator’s notes, watch interviews and enquire about any pieces you are interested in.
  3. You can perform detailed searches on our SEARCH page or quick keyword searches using the header search field.
  4. Do more research on relevant topics visiting our NEWS section which offers a mash up of quality and exclusive content specifically designed to educate global audiences and introduce them to the unique contemporary art world of the South East European region.
  5. Once the trade and payment terms have been agreed on and contracts signed the buyer pays an advanced or full payment, depending on the amount, via bank transfer. We offer to look after the legal and shipping logistics also.

Tell me about trust & security

BART SPACE employs expert staff with over 10 years of experience. We ensure privacy and confidentiality to all our buyers unless otherwise stated. Along legal requirements and independent inspections or private viewing available upon request we offer full money back if the art works delivered are not in sold-as-shown state.

Can I get a condition report?

Certainly. All pieces displayed or proposed by BART SPACE are in sold-as-shown state. Quality detailed images of actual pieces are accompanied by local expert inspection report and documentation from relevant government authorities if applicable. Private viewing may be available upon request.

What guarantees do you offer?

We are a registered company based in Belgrade, Serbia and apart from legal obligations set by contracts and available insurance solutions, we provide all necessary and relevant government authority documentation certifying authenticity of each work. Our experts evaluations can be reviewed an independent party if requested. Finally, our process allows for condition previews prior to releasing full payment.

Can I negotiate the price?

Our pricing model is specific, both towards the artist and buyers. As agents we act more as business partners rather than brokers, to both parties. Therefore we work closely with artist in creating selections with reasonable volumes which in turn means that we can achieve realistic and competitive values for interested buyers to start with. However, you can always try and turn the odds in your favour.

What about shipping and taxes?

Since our selection is sourced from around 10 different countries in South East Europe and shipped globally, we offer to look after the complete acquisition process, from research, proposal, negotiation to documentation and freight logistics so that our buyers may focus on their selection and investing. Please contact us for a specific art work of interest and we will promptly present you with a range of solutions depending on your needs.

How do I pay?

As a registered company in Belgrade, Serbia, we accept direct money transfer payments. However as our process allows for buyer inspection upon delivery and prior to release of full payment if amount allows it and is requested, we do have escrow account payable into also. The final buying price incurs no commission. Any relevant tax, customs, shipping, insurance and other fees that may arise from the transaction are payable by the buyer as informed prior.

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