Research and Analysis of SEE art markets

It is with passion and knowledge that we approach and evaluate the existing regional artistic constellations. We are capable of translating their meaning and value to our clients in a best possible way.

Access to primary and secondary SEE art markets

The historical approach enables us to understand cultural conditions of the secondary market, but also directs us in a right way to identify and select the artists in the primary market. We love a challenge.

Discretion and Confidentiality

We care about the relationships with both our artists and buyers. That is why we have established strong ethics in order to nurture and care for the well being of all sides involved. We have strong legal support available for your security also, however we prefer to build strong personal trust in the first instance as our industry is built on it.


Identification and Appraisals

Our approach is based on an art historical method, but we aim to recognize the vibrant contemporary potentials from the early stage of their development. On the other hand the method of selecting and labeling the artists resonates with contemporaneity and originality in its best way.

Collection Forming and Management

Our approach to collecting is context-responsive and tailored in order to meet the needs of our clients, while also instructing them on the contemporary currents. We are determined to find the way of making valuable collections that will serve the interests of our clients, but would also contribute significantly to the value of the regional infrastructure.

Outfitting and Logistics

You can relax as all fittings, permissions, customs and packing are taken care of by our experienced team, locally, regionally and globally. If you would rather use your existing or preferred logistics supplier we will work with you to make it happen. No outfit needed? Let us know and we will make sure the work arrives just as planned and you can take it from there.

Condition and Authenticity

Every piece is photographed before shipping and comes with a legal permission needed for the art work to exit the country of origin. This permission is obtained thanks to the evaluation of the authenticity of works that is performed by relevant state authorities.


Assessing Value

Our opinion and taste is formed thanks to our experience and knowledge that is in-sync with the opinions of a wide range of regional professionals in the field of contemporary art.

Investment and Negotiation Advisory

Our expertise in the field of regional art is an asset that provides us with an insight into current movements and tendencies in relation to global market trends. We look for the new, before it becomes news. We advise, acquire and deliver your new art investment for you as a partner.

Finance and Insurance Facilitation

Whether forming a new collection or adding to your existing selection we advise on best possible solution for securing financing and insurance regionally and globally. Our experienced and preferred advisors can follow every step of the way. On the other hand, if you are an artist, we help you locate and secure funds to ensure your progress continues and value increases.


Discovering Artists Program

Many studio and exhibition visits that we undertake, lead to getting to know the artists before their first solo show. If we believe in them, we encourage them by offering them a possibility to exhibit their works. We are assured in our capacity for talent spotting. We don’t wait for talent to be affirmed, before we embark on a journey together.

Corporate and Public Spaces

Besides offering advisory to private customers, we love to curate larger collections and expand corporate imaginary. We are also here to help you commission and select contemporary art for the public space and thus add value in any urban setting.

Foundations and Institutions

We aim to contribute in configuration of the public sphere. Our relationships with contemporary art foundations and institutions are important and often pivotal to development and longevity of markets. We do pro bono work as well as assist on projects of community importance. Please contact us in order to find out how we can offer support or exchange values.

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