BART SPACE is an art agency focused primarily on contemporary art from South East European established, emerging and newly discovered artists. With expertise that spans over a decade, we employ a hybrid team of regional curators and art professionals alongside global advisors, commercial and logistics managers, all at your service every day of the year.

WWW.BART.SPACE is a neatly curated online space exhibiting a cross section of art works from our region that have proven quality, certified authenticity and investment potential. BART selection is in constant flux with new artist being added regularly. However, our selection is created in a controlled manner with the complete space coherence in mind and with limited numbers of art pieces at any given time, across the South East Europe region.

Our NEWS section is designed to inform, educate and provoke excitement that we also feel when talking about contemporary art from our part of the world. Mapping the region and generating global visibility is as integral to our mission as delivering selections and advising on their investments.

We are always looking for the stars and want to help you reach them with us. If you believe you share our mission, values and energy we would love to hear from you!

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  • Commercial Consultant (UK, UAE)
  • Web Journalist (EU)
  • Social Media Manager (SRB)
  • Designer (SRB)
  • Space Assistant/Intern (HR)